Lip balm is absolutely amazing used it a couple times and had improvements within a few times of reapplying. Would not say a bad thing about any of their products!

Lip Balm 2

Nothing was working on my son’s skin lately so I had changed and tried various products. Found this on Wednesday night and it is AMAZING! Irritaion stopped within minutes after first application that night… the next morning all redness had disappeared from the area… It’s so good, I went back today to get the Magnesium Oil spray from the range for myself!

Love that it’s tested on their staff 🙂

Protective & Soothing Ointment 2

Love love love the Rosewater Mist. Smells good and feels good. Saved my skin over this cold winter!!!

Rosewater 2

The only Rosewater Mist that does NOT cause me to breakout!

Rosewater 1

I have the lip balm literally everywhere I go. One next to my bed, one in my handbag and one on my desk. It’s an essential for me now!

Lip Balm 1

I’ve been using a large portion of The Alchemist Lab’s products for well over 12 months, in particular their magnesium oil and magnesium cream have been amazing. I use these products both for muscle recovery, as well as an aid for sleeping and have found a few sprays of the magnesium oil on the belly before bed has helped improve my sleep. Quality products from a team of passionate professionals. Highly recommend.

Magnesium 1

My 6 month old daughter had a really bad rash / exzema and I went to two different GPs who could not offer a safe solution for my daughter. We got a tub of Protective & Soothing ointment… 24 hours later and the whole rash disappeared. Highly recommend these natural, safe products before using any prescribed cream from doctors. 5 stars from me!

Protective & Soothing 1