Topical numbing creams are used to temporarily numb the skin before medical or cosmetic procedures or even help with the pain associated with tattooing. In Australia, pharmacists can compound these topical applications up to combined 10% concentration, with higher concentrations requiring a valid Australian Prescription.

Our pharmacists customize each preparation for individual needs and are always available to provide counselling and advice on how to best apply these products.

Ordering Topical Anaesthetics

For Topical Anaesthetics we require an evaluation form to be submitted.

Please use the below form to select a suitable product and provide your details and medical history. One of our team members will evaluate the submission and notify you when approved.

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Approved orders are collected and paid for in-store at:

The Alchemist Lab (within Pharmacy & Co)

447 Tapley’s Hill Road

Fulham Gardens 5024

Topical Anaesthetics Patient Evaluation Form
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Topical Anaesthetics Products

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Lignocaine 6% Tetracaine 4%
Lignocaine 6% Tetracaine 4% (non-water based, for procedures that involve heat
Lignocaine 4% Tetracaine 3% Prilocaine 2% Epinephrine 0.1%