Pure Lanolin 25g


The Alchemist Lab Pure Lanolin is 100% pure pharmaceutical grade lanolin with no added nasties

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This looks cool but what is it for

Our Pure Lanolin is a natural emollient to help treat and prevent dry, cracked, rough, scaly and itchy skin. Can be used for cracked lips, heels and nipples.

What to do with me

Apply as needed

Things we recommend to do and not to do

As smooth and caramel like this looks it is not to be eaten. Avoid contact with eyes. If you have any questions, please contact our staff.


What we love about it

Our Pure Lanolin is an excellent natural emollient used to help soften dry flaky skin. Lanolin acts as a barrier when applied to the skin locking in moisture to improve the appearance and feel of your skin leaving it soft and smooth again.

Absolutely everything we put in

Pharmaceutical Grade Lanolin